Sparking the Next Generation.

We build world-class partnerships, properties, and programs that bring cultures and communities together. Our teams are driven by a desire to provide youth and their families a passport to global experiences, wherever they live.

Through an exclusive partnership with the world’s most valuable brand in sports, Manchester United, we are creating exciting new opportunities for Chinese fans and families to connect with the Club. The first Theatre of Dreams Centre is scheduled to open in Beijing this winter.

  • "We are excited to bring the rituals and emotions of the Manchester United experience to the youth in China, capturing what it feels like to be a member of this elite club. These immersive experiences will entertain, educate and inspire the next generation of football fans."

All our projects are inspired and infused by our guiding principle—having fun and sharing engaging interactions together is critical to growth. The experiences we create spark curiosity, connect communities, deepen relationships, and transport populations.

With our teams in Beijing, Shanghai, and the U.S., we offer a complete portfolio of integrated services - from concept to execution - to develop cross-cultural, innovative engagements around the world. We focus on creative development, licensing, franchising, and consulting services across global entertainment and retail opportunities.

Together with our world-class partners, we deliver the best in next generation experience.



Bo Zhang

Founder and Chairman,
Harves Entertainment

Bo Zhang has been expanding the Harves portfolio with a focus on the next generation.


Francis Person

Co-Founder and Board Member,
Harves Entertainment

Francis Person leads the team in realizing the vision of Harves Entertainment and developing world-class partnerships.


Nathan Geng

Board Member,
Harves Entertainment

Nathan Geng leads the development of key Chinese partnerships to advance the Harves Entertainment vision.

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