The next frontier of entertainment is immersive.

Harves seamlessly blends global and local culture to develop new properties and platforms for the next generation. We design and create unique experiences that merge sports, entertainment, art, food, music, and fashion with iconic global brands and proprietary technologies. These co-created and collab experiences drive footfall, increase engagement, and reinvent entertainment.

We call this ImCulture™.

The first Manchester United Theatre of Dreams is now open, featuring a first-of-its kind mixed reality gaming experience, interactive exhibits, retail, and F&B.

Our agreement with the NBA includes a multi-year commitment to develop ImCulture NBA-themed Entertainment Centers.

Our Kalidico concept, the world’s first Care Bears-themed experience is a delightfully designed, magical world of caring and sharing.

We are on a mission to deliver shared experiences to the doorstep of millions, providing a passport to the connection and excitement of global culture. See our latest announcements here.