A Community-based Approach.

Our development projects are rooted in community. We begin by establishing a deep understanding of the community’s identity and seek to strengthen local culture by addressing its needs in unique ways. Founded in 2003, we are one of China’s tier-one privately owned real estate development firms with a residential and commercial portfolio of projects that spans industries.

We call our approach the Harves Way — a reflection of our founding family’s values.  We adhere to a set of principles that guide our high-quality work and the proven results we have consistently achieved over nearly two decades

  • Chairman's Letter

    I have all sorts of emotions when looking back at the growth of Harves. Harves has created masterpieces one after another and achieved success from undertakings in Shenyang Harves Tawan Quarters, to Shenyang Harves Taoyuan Quarters, Richgate, Rich New World, Seiko Mansions, Dalian Lanbowan and Donggang, and more.

    Since its establishment, Harves has grown from an unknown business to a renowned, modern group with expanded scale and enhanced strength. Harves has matured and achieved significantly since the early years of its operation, from independent to coordinative development, from residential to commercial projects, and from single to diverse industries.

    In development and practice, we at Harves deeply understand that the success of the business is dependent upon several factors. At this moment, we remember and appreciate all of the support and dedication given by our employees and business partners as well as the support given by the regional governments in which we worked. Our success can be attributed to the harmonious functioning of all these people and groups who aided in our quick growth. On behalf of the Harves Board of Directors, I express my sincere gratitude to all of our employees, customers, business partners, and regional governments. 

    Continual improvement and development in Harves brand is vital to our success as a business. As we reflect on our past years of hard work, we look forward to pursuing further prosperity in the future as we work to utilize our experience while staying true to our core strengths and values. 

    Today, Harves stands at the brink of an entirely new and rapid development era. We will continue to uphold our belief in "respect, trust, and win-win" as we venture into this new time in society and develop future masterpieces. We undoubtedly believe that the future of Harves will be even more splendid and magnificent than the past. 

    Let us stand at the forefront of the industry as preeminent business group, Harves.

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