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Harves creates next generation engagements that connect new audiences to global culture.

We build deeper brand relationships with immersive physical experiences, interactive training and learning platforms, and comprehensive online to offline retail programs around the world.


Our new agreement includes a multi-year commitment to develop mixed reality NBA-themed entertainment centers across China.

  • “This next generation partnership furthers our mission to provide best-in-class global entertainment experiences to local populations. The NBA is a global league with fans from all around the world and we are excited to bring a new experience to millions of basketball fans in China."

In 2019, Harves and the Manchester United Football Club announced a partnership to develop branded entertainment and experience centers across the country, the first of which opens this winter.

  • "We’re very excited to be partnering with Harves on the Manchester United Entertainment and Experience Centres concept, offering our millions of Chinese fans the chance to experience the club in a new and innovative way."

Harves also serves as the master licensee for Care Bears in China and has created the first global entertainment center for the brand—Kalidico by Care Bears—which opens in Shanghai this year.


With all of our projects and partners, across the globe, we strive to transform communities with engaging and unique experiences that open the world, bridge cultures and generations, and enrich lives.